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Signature Face Wash | 2oz
Signature Face Wash | 2oz

Signature Face Wash | 2oz

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Signature Face Wash | 2oz

When you use our Castile-soap Signature Face Wash daily, your skin feels clean, healthy and supple. Blemishes are eliminated and your complexion is clear and smooth.

This gentle, natural organic face wash provides a deep cleansing without stripping the oils from your skin. It quickly and effectively removes dirt, oil, and makeup with a lathering formula while soothing red or acne prone skin and leaves you with clear, radiant skin!

Key Benefits:
- Deep cleanser removes excess dirt, oil and make-up quickly
- Mild enough for sensitive skin and those prone to redness
- Castile based formula for easy lather
- First step to combat acne and/or ingrown hairs

How To Use:

  1. Shake Bottle
  2. Wet face and apply cleanser
  3. Lather using hands or a face washing brush. Avoid contact with eyes to prevent discomfort.
  4. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

NOTE: This 2oz supply will last about two months with twice daily cleansing.

Made with organic, cold-pressed chemical free oils to include carrot seed oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, rose hip oil, and peppermint oil in a Natural Skin Science specified blend. PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. The best organic face wash for sensitive skin, combination skin and dry skin.