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Natural Skin Science

Natural Skin Science is a 100% unique, spa-quality skin care collection created by Master Esthetician, Leon Eugene, who had embarrassing acne, skin issues and very sensitive skin. Leon teamed with expert business partner and beauty enthusiast- Shawn Bo, to create his own natural, chemical-free, organic, non-irritating skincare that TRULY works. With their proprietary hand mixed formulas, these guys have seen fantastic results for themselves and many other people. They effectively created a brand that caters to people in all spectrums, from the skin care novice to the beauty guru. Using an organic marketing strategy they have gained customers through their personal network including the Entertainment and Fashion industry. NSS is quickly establishing itself as a company to watch being a natural line without sacrificing the luxury experience for their customers- carving a unique space for themselves alongside the already well-established brands. 

Handmade, with YOU in mind

Our products are hand poured, and the Castile soap base for our face wash is hand mixed and brewed by us. Not only do we enjoy the work of passionately mixing our products, this also allows us to provide our customers with highly effective skin care made with luxury ingredients at an affordable price. We also enjoy knowing that we completely make our products from raw ingredients into the finished product people use and enjoy.

Results Driven

We never intended to start a skin care business, this happened because of the results we saw for ourselves and people around us after using our products. If Natural Skin Science wasn't guaranteed to work for all skin types, we would not be in business. Our promise to you is to provide the highest quality ingredients for effective products, keep environmental awareness at the forefront of our practices and to be an inclusive brand for all types of people.