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Premier Fragrance Candle

Premier Fragrance Candle

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An alluring journey for the senses, this premier fragrance for the Bo/Abrams Estate is the perfect blend of hard and soft elements wrapped in a highly sensual organic envelope.

"Intensely romantic yet…powerfully calming, these specific fragrance notes are meant to take you to a familiar place where you feel warm and fuzzy, or remind you of your happy place. This could be a spa, a forest, the beach, your comfortable bed- wherever you find your zen space.” -Shawn Bo Abrams

This is a collaboration combining our passion for romanticizing every day experiences with the reputation of high standard candle manufacturing that OAK & WAX is known for. 

[Fragrance Notes]

Vetiver- herbal, refreshing

Amber- warm, indulgent

Wood- nostalgic, comforting

This two-wick 12oz candle comes in a frosted glass vessel with matte black lid.