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Original Glow Serum | 1oz
Original Glow Serum | 1oz

Original Glow Serum | 1oz

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Original Glow Serum | 1oz


Due to its high concentration and potency, this Original Glow Serum is the most effective way of delivering active anti-aging, plant based ingredients to the top two layers of your skin. This serum hosts a powerhouse of cold pressed, raw oils that are able to penetrate your skin to give you a dewy, healthy glow. All without making your shiny, oily or greasy. Consider it a liquid nutrients for the face. With the concentrations of A, E, C, D vitamins you will experience increased circulation that will visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A helps to increase cell regeneration and create healthy skin building protein. 

Something to note: Carrot seed oil contains an active amount of niacin- if you have niacin sensitivities please test this product on another part of your body first.

Reach your skin’s full potential with this Original Glow Serum!

Key Benefits:
- Provides readily available nutrients to top two layers of the skin
- Instant GLOW
- Softens fine lines and scars
- Dermatitis relief
- Some SPF(UVA) protection

How To Use:

  1. Dispense 1  drop into clean hands.
  2. It is very important to use a small amount so that the skin isn’t coated. Its about the absorption, not coating.
  3. Warm the serum in your palms using circular motions.
  4. Press into your skin (face, neck, chest).


NOTE: ALL OILS ARE ORGANIC AND COLD PRESSED with an infusion process is specific to L. Eugene Natural Skin Science (Rose-hip, carrot seed, red raspberry, pumpkin seed). No water, glycerin or fillers in this product. SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES + the added SPF protection benefits of Rose hips and red raspberry seed oils.