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So many things!

Hello everyone! We are going to take a super informal approach to our blogging because we see this as a place for us to update you with new exciting information not bore you with articles about why our products are the best ( also because we're hoping you already know - haha). 

Can we just start off by saying WHAT. A. YEAR.  2020 as a business started off pretty great! We launched a completely new look with all frosted glass packaging, new labels and by switching platforms- moving from Wix to Shopify. When we initially launched to the public in 2018, we had a very narrow focus which was solely on the products themselves and not as much about the presentation. We wanted to reach people through ingredient awareness, and our unique 100% natural formulas that actually generated results. However, over those first 16 months we began to look at L. Eugene Natural Skin Science as a business and wanted to begin our plans to scale. Just a reminder, our products came out of a need for ourselves.. so we didnt quite launch with a "business plan" or strategies for scaling and mass production. Fast forward to 2020, we are here with retail ready packaging and we're just over the moon about it! 

Then just FIVE days into the new year, we got engaged!!!!!!! Leon and I are so in love and so excited to spend the rest of our lives together. If you're interested in seeing our engagement video click here.

As spring began to approach, the world we all knew came to a bit of a screeching halt. We had no idea what was going to happen. Is there going to be an epic food shortage? Will we have to move into FEMA camps for safety and aid? Were people still going to be ordering our skin care products? WILL PEOPLE EVEN CARE ABOUT WASHING THEIR FACE OR IS THIS THE END OF THE WORLD? We. Had. No. Idea. 

BUT thankfully, the curve was flattening and people were resuming their normal shopping- actually MORE than ever! Our routine and new customer list began to grow- it doubled! Then... it tripled! 

Before spring 2020 we had made a new goal: To participate in pop-ups and some possible trade shows to grow the #GlowSquad! We honestly love meeting our new customers face to face and walking them through the products. It has been that personal connection that helped us grow and we feels it is so important to stay very connected to our brand. But guess what- we couldn't do that. The City of Los Angeles was shut down, quite literally.  We continued to focus on social media engagement, posting new videos, tutorials and connecting with influencers to help us spread the word. We gave away a lot of product in exchange for content because ... photoshoots? During a pandemic? No way. LOL

Flash forward a few months later into the summer and we were able to start participating in a few outdoor markets! The markets have been amazing, a great way to make money, help people discover the power of plant-based natural skin care products and also GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! 

We thennnn launched three new products! The Ultimate EYEdrating Butter, Tropical Hydration Mist and our Full Shield SPF Lip Protection Stick. Three powerhouse products that are truly game changers in the skin care industry. Our belief is to never make a product that isn't needed, if there's something on the market that we feel another brand already has covered.. we aren't going to make it. The Ultimate EYEdrating Butter contains murumuru and tecuma butter which are amazing butters with silicone properties hat are instantly fine line blurring and help to nourish the skin and increase elasticity and firmness. All we can say about the Full Shield SPF Lip Protection Stick is that yes- you need SPF for your lips and this product is also great for cold weather and wind exposure. The Tropical Hydration mist is our answer to a daily mid-day skin refresher. It helps with fighting "maskteria" from wearing your PPE but also nice in warm weather when you've been sweating. Some people use it as a setting spray or in place of the Radiance Toner also! 

What else.... lets see... oh! We finally figured out how to stop USPS from destroying our packages before they get to your door as well. Haha- we are very sorry about all of the bubble wrap but this is the only solution and we want you all to know we are extremely low waste here behind the scenes. 

I think this is getting long and like I said at the beginning- I don't want to bore you with the typical skin care blogs so lets call this a wrap and we will chat with you next time. Leon and I will go back and forth writing blogs so maybe you'll get to hear from him in the next one! 

 OHHH- Also, we are on RangeME and we recently upgraded to RangeME premium! What does this mean? It means we will soon be certified to wholesale to major retailers like WholeFoods, Trader Joe's, Target, CVS Beauty and so many more! This is extremely exciting and a major pivotal point in our business so please keep your fingers crossed and prayers sent up! :)

Once again thank you for supporting us, visiting our website, ordering products or even just liking our Instagram posts- its all so so helpful! We love you all!

 -Shawn Bo

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