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ACTIVATE: Social Media Upgrade!

Omg you guys.. if you haven't gone to see our new Instagram Feed... you MUST! We recently started working with the RLM Agency, Founded by Braylen Brooks an awesome content creator, aesthetic curator and TIK TOK'r. He's been awesome at helping us to visualize how we want to see our brand from a marketing stand point. As you know before this year we did all of our content ourselves- from filming testimonials to taking our own product shots. We truly wanted to be jacks of all trades! As business has grown, its really nice having someone with a fresh set of eyes helping us bring our new vision to life. 


If you aren't following us on our socials be sure tooooooo. :)






Natural Skin Science is a plant based, artificial chemical free skin care brand founded by Esthetician Leon Eugene and his fiancé Shawn Bo. We believe in cold pressed raw ingredients, free of essential oils to manufacture high performance natural skin care products. 

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